Pricing And Billing

We understand that care costs are a serious concern for you and your family, and even though your wellbeing comes first, considering your care funding options is an important step to deciding whether or not domiciliary care or a care home is the right choice for you.

Funding your care

When thinking about the funding for care whether for yourself or a family member there are a number of ways you may wish and be able to consider. Depending on you or your family members particular needs and circumstances, you may be eligible for financial support from your local council and social services. however, a care assessment may be required in order to determine this.

Funding through your local authority

When paying for home care you may wish to consider contracting your local authority to see if you’re entitled to any care funding. This additional home care funding could help you get all the home support you require without feeling the effects of unnecessary financial strain.

Direct Payment funding and personal budget

If you or someone you care for get help from social services, you can apply for direct payments. These let you choose the services you or your loved one needs yourself, instead of getting them from your council. Although the money is usually through social services, it is paid directly to you and you are able to pay for your care directly. Direct payments service users often find they have more control over the services they receive, with care being provided in a more convenient and flexible way.
Using a direct payment scheme means you should be able to:
We offer care from a minimum of 1 hour and can offer care upto 24hours 7 days a week

Continuing Health Care Funding

Continuing health care funding is available to those who require full time care for health reasons. This type of home care funding is available to you if receive full time care at home, and includes funding to cover personal care, nursing care and any costs related to household adjustments due to your health condition.

Private funded care

If you are not entitled to any support from social services, you can privately fund your care. If you do receive some support from social services but require some extra assistance you may wish to fund part of your care privately. If you would like to speak to someone specifically about private care please call 02076221530.

Need more advice

Our team is happy to guide you through the cost of domiciliary care and what funding options may be available to you and your family so please do not hesitate to contact us.